76 point something

********** The scale read “76 point something”. My vision blurred. And my mind refused to read the numbers beyond the decimal. Doing otherwise, anyways, wouldn’t have averted the risk – of grave disappointment. I hurriedly stepped down, wore my slippers and turned around, pretending – I didn’t care. Wearing an edgy smile I treaded swiftly […]

Santorini: The Seductive Island 

She was beauty and seduction intertwined. A gale of delight from the divine.  That’s how I felt about this beautiful little Greek island of Santorini. It’s implausible, to not be smitten, by its mystical charm, and fantasize about every moment spent here, even long after, you are gone. This most sought-after destination of the Instagram generation is […]

I am just like you. Let me be!

This is an open letter, from an about-to-turn-2-year old toddler, to everyone, who would really care to know, what exactly goes on, in the making of, the most infamous years of our lives – The ” Terrible Twos”. Yeah ! they call it the  ” Terrible twos”. Meanies 🙁 How can anyone possibly, call any stage […]