anonymous woman walking in cold field

Don’t turn away. 

Don’t graze at me from the corner of your eyes brimming with tears. 

Because they betray, and so do you.  

Look here, right into my eyes, 

What do you see?  

You see pain, right?  

Is that why you running away?  

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But can you really run away?  

I am just everywhere. 

In your mind, nudging you every now and then.  

In your heart, speaking the only truth that is, and not what you think it is.  

Even if you shut me off, push me down, you think about me, 

So, you really aren’t going away, are you?  

You just feel that I am not there because you are looking away.  

Sometimes I wonder, why do I happen to be with someone like you,  

Who doesn’t have the courage and doesn’t even care? 

grayscale photography of crying woman

You don’t care about your own existence. 

Yes, Existence!

You are merely existing.  

You haven’t fueled LIFE into your being.  

You haven’t let your hair down, to let the breeze, ruffle through it. 

You don’t let the mighty sun, become your guiding light. 

You don’t sleep under the stars, because you are too caught up chasing the darkness.  

You haven’t surrendered because you are driven by your EGO. 

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You aren’t necessarily sad.

But you aren’t ecstatic.  

Yet you don’t care.

Because you don’t even know, what it means to be truly ecstatic.  

You are naïve.

You are blinded by the ways of the world that shields you from your fears of facing me.  

To walk with me, to bare your soul, to open and heal, all those wounds that are festering since eternity, 

To face your vulnerabilities.  

You want to see yourself as perfect, and whole.  

But that’s just an illusion.  

low angle photo of staircase

Come with me, taste the reality.  

Smell the grass, walk and feel the wetness of it, on a misty morning.  

Don’t just rely on your senses to perceive.  

Feel it.

Feel it.

Feel it.  

Feel it through your imagination.  

Through your creative heart-mind.  

Through the roughness of life will emerge a softer you, that’s waiting to be embraced.  

The one that’s hiding behind the door that’s ajar.  

It keeps peeking in and out.

Hopeful at times.  

white daisy flower bloom

Bring it to the fore. 

Show the world, who you really are.  

Show yourself, who you really are.  

You are gifted with your own uniqueness, cultivate and nurture it. 

Shed the layers that the world has pasted on your existence.  

Come alive out, tearing it all, live as the only authentic you. 

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