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Hello! I am Tanushree – A Digital Nomad Mom, Traveler, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger, Instagrammer, Freelance Writer, Photographer, Vegan Food Lover & A Minimalist. That’s what looks good on the resume right? 🙂

While all of the above is true, at the core of it all, I am just someone, whose heart is perennially longing to traverse new landscapes, learn and share great stories, indulge in interesting conversations & invest in meaningful connections.

I believe in the eternal power of words & pictures, and love expressing myself, by weaving stories & narratives, inspired by real-life experiences.

New found ‘Me’, posing by the ‘ Lake Of Constance’ on a bright summer morning

Honestly, I wasn’t half as passionate about things( that set my soul on fire), as I am, at this point in my life, until, Oct’2017, when I moved to Konstanz( in Germany) quitting a desk-bound life in India, only to discover a way back to myself. When reality started hitting me hard, I decided to be, what I am meant to be ( turned down the idea to look for a job in Germany while my heart was truly yearning for something more profound), and break the shackles that, a certain, but an average & a delusional life, had always, and could have in future as well, created around me.

Nov’17 – I started extensively backpacking in Europe along with my husband and 1-year-old daughter then. Over the past 18 months, we have visited 18 countries, not as a mere tourist, but as genuine family travelers, soaking ourselves into everything that we could, locally. 

Feb’18 –  I started blogging about our experiences of travel ( and life otherwise) here and microblogging on Social Media. 

June’18 – I turned Vegan and took to Minimalist lifestyle ( also as an attempt to reduce my overall carbon footprint).

Aug’18 – I started writing for various national and international publications as a freelance writer.

Losing myself to the wilderness at Corsica, France

This life I have chosen for myself is highly liberating though is absolutely uncertain( both physically and financially). But it truly resonates with the fact that ” The journey of life is not meant to be feared and planned, but traveled and enjoyed”.

So I am truly savoring every bit of it,  but along the way, I strongly intend to contribute in all ways possible to the world by creating something paramount.

Let’s collaborate and support each other for the causes we truly stand for and wish to contribute to. Let’s explore.

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