Maurice Bernard Sendak, the famous American illustrator, and writer of children’s book once said – ” There is more to life than having everything.” Our life at present truly resonates with this thought. Change is the only constant reality, that we often resist. But if we embrace, it can take us aback by a pleasant surprise. Sometimes, we gotta take that leap of faith. We too had resisted, muddling with an array of thoughts racing through our heads, before we decided to dive in. If we had not taken the plunge of leaving a settled life behind, to live an unsettling life of pseudo nomads ( we don’t live out of a suitcase yet, but we do not have a permanent dwelling either), I don’t think we would have really explored Europe in this way – the more we travel, the more we want to travel, to dream living this life of nomads who belong no where in particular, but just everywhere. We aren’t sure, what future beholds for us. For now, we are just enjoying it till it lasts and bring back stories and stills from our expeditions for you to live through our experiences.

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Our recent visit to this part of Switzerland has left us absolutely speechless – If we ever have the chance, we would love to live along the countryside( anyways, who would not ? ). We visualise it exactly the way this wonderful mountain village – Murren is- Surreal Beauty.

Murren, is in the heart of Switzerland overlooking the three might mountains – Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.

Our hearts still skip a beat thinking about the  magical spell that it had cast on us. We were transported to another world. Through these photos, we are sharing with you, the memories of our half day trip to Murren. Hope you love them.

Rustic wooden houses with the cosmic charm all around








Being in nature is therapeutic – The smiles and happiness on our faces, say it all. 




Adventurous souls flying through the beautiful sky


Wildflowers in full bloom










Wherever we looked, nature was brimming with so much wisdom and beauty


I could walk the whole day on these narrow concrete roads with barely any sign of humans with houses and flowers on both sides



View from the cable car on the way to Murren from Gimmelwald 





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