Hi People!

I know you too are delighted for me to be finally born. It gives me immense pleasure to share with you about my travel experiences which began when I was just 4 months old. We traveled extensively within India, and also did one international trip to Dubai. They clicked me from all possible angles for a passport, and let me admit, I was at my funniest best. It was for our first international trip. Yes, some of you who know us personally would know, that Mommy had never been anywhere outside India before that. Lol. We were meant to travel together 🙂

20th November 2016, Dadar House, Mumbai 

Today, we celebrated the birthday of the most beautiful women on earth- My Mommy. It’s her first with me. Its been the most difficult 40 days for her since she came back home from the hospital. But, she has been taking good care of me while she also battled with sleepless nights, erratic feeding schedules, postpartum recovery and adjusting to the new way of life with me being around clinging onto her almost all the time. She loves me. I can see it. She is all smiles and giggles and always ready to take my photograph. Daddy had been away for few weeks when I was less than a month old, because of work. But now when he is back, I get to hear my bedtime songs, warm snuggles, and daddy type play times. He got me a couple of plush toys from Germany and a lot of beautiful stories from his 5-day road trip in Europe that he keeps narrating to Mommy. We both envy him, to say the least, and want to be on the road with him soon. Till then, of course, Mommy plans to travel as much as possible to any destination. For her, it doesn’t matter, where we travel to, what matters, is who she is traveling with and how. Well, we needless to say she is surrounded by some awesome travel partners. But the way she wants to travel, which is mostly slow, is something that she is unable to so far. More power to her, for the way she wants to take this ahead. Love her for who she really is.

1st  December 2016, Dadar House, Mumbai 

I have met so many people since my birth that I do not remember anybody and wouldn’t even recognise them if I see them again 🙂 Their visits were primarily to see and know more about me –  How do i look, who do i resemble, do i sleep at night, do i cry a lot, do i feed well, do i do anything at all ? Lol. And they also were quite concerned about Mommy’s health. They suggested her on what she should be eating, how she should manage time to take care of me and rest as well etc. I love the way everyone’s concern manifested into a series of questions to suggestions and advice. Its wonderful to see how everyone is able to contribute in their own way and wish us great health and life.

Amidst all the guests and extended families, I also met my cousins- Vivaan Dada, Reyansh Dada, and Amidi Di. I can’t wait to grow up soon to their size and play with them. I can imagine how exciting it would be when we all kids would be together. I miss you guys already.

15th December 2016, Dadar House, Mumbai 

Are you wondering, why a mid-month catch up? Well, i thought you might be wondering how does a day in my life look like right? I know babies are quite intriguing to be ignored. Everything about them is exciting and creates curiosity. I do understand.

Well everything that you can think of,  which can potentially bring a smile on your face, I do all of that. I eat, sleep, play, relax, listen to some good music, have a super fun bath time, followed by some massage, kick really hard on the leg piano, stare at the crib mobile, pose for some great photos which my Mommy very proudly keeps posting wherever possible, have a fun filled tummy time session and listen to all the chitter chatter around me. I have heard Mommy saying there is a huge data storage issue that the world is facing. I wonder where and how is she going to store these countless videos and photos. Sometimes I feel, living in that era when Mommy was born was far simpler and nicer. The digital era is hard to not get enslaved to, but at the same time, you do miss being in a world which is on a digital detox. Maybe by the time I grow up, I would witness a seemingly simple yet complicated life. That’s the dichotomy of this ever-evolving world. More power to US 🙂 Mommy says she wants to keep me away from the TV and the mobile phone as much as and as long as possible. Though they don’t watch TV themselves as much, but really cant keep their phones away. I hope she knows, what she is setting out herself for. HAHA!

31st December 2016, Dadar House, Mumbai 

All I hear Mommy say is she wants to just go somewhere. Because it’s been quite long and she has been completely homebound. While we plan for one such trip, we spend our time eating and relaxing and spending some beautiful time with everyone in the family. Ajji is here along with her sister – Shaila Ajji. And we got this memorable pic clicked by Mommy – Awesomeness galore from 3 generations.

They say I look like my daddy 🙂 I am checking if Daddy looks like Ajji? Then I actually look like Ajji. We are family. We all look alike.

Happy new year 2017 to all of you. I wonder sometimes, what these celebrations of a birthday and a new year are all about. I feel the time is slipping out of my hands like the flowing sand in an hourglass. Mommy says we should be in the moment, but the moment is always drifting and so am i. I am confused. If we celebrate a new year or a birthday, why does the celebration be confined to the passing of a whole year? Lets celebrate every moment, hour, day, week and month as well. In fact, why should the reason to celebrate be defined by time? And if it has to be, them time is NOW? Now is the only truth. Well, am I sounding a lot like my mommy already?

31st January 2017, Dadar House, Mumbai 

” Nevertheless she persisted.” Mommy as per her positive affirmations to have a great good life with her loved ones and to be able to travel has ensured that she does so.  So here i am, at the age of only little over 100 days, I have been traveling quite a bit. Let me tell you, It’s an awesome experience for me though i am still a baby. Mommy says she never wanted me to become a reason for her not to follow her heart, but otherwise. And to our surprise, i too enjoy being on the road, see new places, meet new people. I just keep looking at moving people and things all around me. All in motion always. Sometimes I get too overwhelmed. But i do not want to blink for the fear of missing out. This is a nice thing that mommy daddy do. They are never at home. They are always trying to go somewhere. We just came back from Dubai, then we took a short trip to Hidden Village in Shahpur near Mumbai and now we plan to go to Goa again for Mommy and Daddy’s 7th Wedding anniversary, but this time I too join. Well, I just need to anyways snuggle into my stroller and I am ready to roll. Rest all seems okay. I would be going to school from next month. Hope I make friends there and have super time sleeping crying drinking and playing. That is all I do for living peeps.

At Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai – They kiss me all the time. So much love all around 🙂 Yay! That’s Me with hair in patches on my head with my Super Hero – Daddy with those superhot biceps. # Fitnessgoals. Huh!


At Hidden Village Shahpur – Mommy daddy loved the food here. And I loved the small birds and animals freely moving all around in this beautiful village

1st  February 2017, Kolhapur

We went to Ajji’s place before taking a road trip to Goa again. It was my first trip to the Ajjis. Everyone was so excited to have me there. There were visitors exclusively for me. That feels great. I didn’t know, I would actually drive them crazy for them to keep clicking with me endlessly.  Are all babies so cute, or am I an exception?

With Daddy’s Ajji – She is so adorable. Do I also look a lot like her?


With Daddy’s Daddy- My cutie Ajoba

2nd February 2017, Oltremarino Resort, Goa

Goa Again! Feels like home to me now. I have been here already when I was in Mummy’s tummy 🙂 But Mommy loves this resort because of the serene beach right in front, an eco-friendly hut to stay and delicious pancake and french toasts served in the breakfast at a shack below where you can reach only after stepping down through 99 steps. That’s a lot of work out on your way up after you fill your tummy with some amazing meal.

At Oltremarino beach resort, Goa – We keep meeting new people everywhere we go and they become friends. I think they instantly fall in love with me. I am a lovely baby, I know that. They want to hug me and squeeze me. But here particularly I look a little lost. Not sure why though. Babylife isn’t easy you see.

9th March 2017, At School, Mumbai

Like all movies have a climax, I am way too lucky to have a climax already in just 6 months of my life when I don’t even know why and how do I do what I do or why do I only sip milk the all day while I see others eating and drinking colorful meals. You understand right. I have a lot of existential questions. And on top of it, when you are suddenly asked to just change your four walls to a new one for half a day with new set of people who you have never seen before, you literally are taken by surprise and anxiety fills you up. But its the sooner the better. And i have Mommy Daddy to make things easier for me. So i am just going with the flow. Best way to keep my inhibitions at bay, Isn’t it?

Today we went to my school for few hours. Mommy was almost in tears while she was getting me ready to go there. She chose to start the daycare 10 days prior to her joining so that I could get adjusted gradually and she also would be emotionally comfortable to part with me I guess. Where do Mothers get such wisdom from? How can they sense anything before even it is expressed? More power to the loveliest creation of God – A Mother.

It wasn’t a difficult day for me as such. I have been made to feed on a bottle now, which I do not really enjoy as much. But babies need to transition and adapt as soon as possible because there would be many such instances where they need to take it their stride. We are really good at it you see. We have superpowers to add that extra to everything that we do. We feel more, express more, understand more, love more and live more. Do you envy already? Lol

22nd March 2017, At School, Mumbai

Today is Mommy’s first day at work. She usually comes to see me once over the day. I like it here. I am the only baby and I get all the deserved attention from everyone. They are already head over heels for me. Mommy need not worry at all. Life cant get better than what it is right now. Though we are comfortable, yet both of our faces lit up seeing each other, when she comes to pick me up in the evening. But I do understand, She is a working Mommy, just like my working Dadd. They work and also are the most amazing parents that one could have. Sometimes, one needs to just take a leap of faith and to one’s surprise, they make it to the most secure arms. And one such pair of arms is that of my Mommy and Daddy.

17 May 2017, Dadar House, Mumbai

Daddy is going to Germany again, and I ain’t happy. I am no more his Chhotu Mayra who missed him when he was away after she was born but could never express. Now that I can, I really did express it by being a little crankier than ever. Whats this Father-daughter bond that is beyond any relationship. It’s so pure and wonderful. Why can’t we be together all the time? Why does he have to go to work? And then go to Germany? Well, that’s how we get food on the table. Why do I even ask? But as much as they both work, they also intend to spend that money travel. While daddy is away, Mommy plans to surprise me and Didu. Let’s see whats in store for both of us. I am all smiles already. For now, let me relish some awesome food prepared with love by Dadu – My favorite Dal Ruti. I am all ears as soon as I hear the grinder. Yes, I eat grinded food. I don’t have any tooth yet, guys! ANd my cutie Didu, feeds me with all kinds of fruits every morning. Its a ritual of sorts. And there hasn’t been the day, she doesn’t do that.

Well, I have come to discover that i am a popular child. Everyone keeps inviting me for their parties. One such was at Shyamali Mashi’s surprise birthday party at her house. Except her, everyone had met me in my first week of life outside the womb She couldnt believe that i would be her best surprise guest. Haha.

At Shyamali Mashi’s house with my other lovely mashis and buas.

I also met Mommy’s best friend from college – Jassi with his Family a few days back. I met his son Agam and his beautiful wife Mishty Mashi. We played for hours. Hope to see you all soon.

22nd July 2017, Satana Resort, Goa

How could we be home for long, when everyone else is traveling. Yeah, solo trips are a fad these days. Mommy is solo with me and Didu :)That’s the best she gets to be when both of us are around. So we 3 solo women take a solo trip together to Goa again. My Mum had come to Goa for the first time when she was 22 years old along with her college friends and its Didu’s first time in Goa now. The point I want to make here is that I am just 9 months, and this is my second visit already to this exquisite land of beaches. It is true that one can never get bored with this place. It’s an easy getaway from the noisy and fast life back in Mumbai. But I love Mumbai. I was born there. It would always be special for me. But there is so much more to this holiday you know. It ‘s just the three of us. Me, Mom and Didu. Daddy is in Europe. Mommy says, she too wants to go there soon so that we all can be together. And Dadu is back at Ambikapur to take care of the house, that I haven’t seen as yet and they are keenly waiting for me to arrive there soon.

Me with my super cool Mommy. She took me and Didu to Goa just like that. Only the three of us from three different generations. Isn’t it cool ?

We are staying at the Santana Resort which has a private beach and also a baby pool :). Mommy says babies are natural swimmers and I am a water baby. But it’s sad that I am keeping a little unwell. So mommy doesn’t want to take me out to the beach or pool so much :(. Every morning,  I get to sit on the high chair and enjoy a wide spread of buffet breakfast. They have so many things to eat. I normally start with fruits followed by oats, upma, idli, bread jam etc. I love to eat. Food makes me happy. Mom and Didu are a foodie too. Both can discuss food almost all the time. A lot of Mommy’s friends are friends with her because they all share this intense love for food. They are all Epicureans.

Me with my lovely Didu. I know her since I was in mommy’s tummy. I could always hear her talk to Mommy about things in general. Women can just talk forever 🙂

27th August 2017, Panchgani

Did i tell you ? Daddy is back in India for few weeks. It was his birthday on the 24th. The Yoga and Beyond group were here for his surprise birthday party. They are such an amazing bunch of people. They love me and my Mommy Daddy so much. They are more than a family my Mommy says. They love doing these small surprises and make everyone happy around them. Such a lovely thing to do. I love them. So do they. We had gone out for lunch and I had a superb time playing with Ateeksh And Addu Bhaiya. They made me sit on the table and eat from their plate. Love all the attention that I get all the time from people of all ages. I am very lucky and blessed 🙂 And we are now having an extended celebration at Panchgani. We are going to meet Ajji and Ajoba at Kolhapur tomorrow. I miss them you know. I love Puran poli and homemade dahi. LIp smack!

On the way to Panchgani – There were too many selfies, and hence this collage to fit them all. I knew then, how to pose for one.

Family dinner time at Kolhapur

11th September 2017, At Mama’s house, Darjeeling

Eastern Part of India is calling us for many months, but what could have been a better surprise than coming here for Mamu’s 30th Birthday. None of us are really thrilled about our birthdays so much, but it makes a great reason for families to meet and spend some awesome time together. It’s a family reunion of sorts with only Daddy missing because he is not in India. We just eat, sleep and relax here. Mommy is particularly very delighted to be here as she gets to eat amazing bong food. This family just knows how to relish food. She says staying away from family for so many years has also made her miss home food, esp made by Didu, Dadu and Mamu. Yes, they all know to cook and to eat and to just relax. Bongs know how to do nothing and just chill in life. Isn’t it? Mamu seems to be completely in awe of me. He loves me immensely. He has always been there for Mommy, standing tall as a tremendous moral and emotional support.

My most fun moments captured in the best possible way are with my loveliest Didu. I love her. This was when Mamu was at his work, and all the women back at his home were taking selfies. This is my favorite.

Amidst all the fun, we were struck with a sad news of my Didu’s Mommy’s demise due to old age. We would be heading to her native from here. We couldn’t meet, and that would be a loss that can never be recovered. I wish and pray that your soul rests in peace. Love you.

3rd October 2017, Dadar House, Mumbai

The best times are the ones when we all are together. And thats why my diary also earmarks those dates which has some occassion or a celebration. I so wish i could fill in all 365 days here. But then i am mindful of what you are also expecting as a reader. Some interesting titbits, right ?

Well, we celebrated my birthday today. It’s a full house. We have Didu Dadu Mamu Ajji and Ajoba here for my birthday. Dad is also back. Mommy daddy took me and my grandparents to an orphanage to distribute food instead of having a party. Mommy almost cried looking at the kids there, thinking how grateful we all are to have our parents. And that’s true. Thank you, Mommy Daddy for making my day special in a different way. We did cut the cake and burst balloons in the evening. I had a superb time. Did I tell you that I walk on my foot well now? Something that I have been trying to do since I was 9 months old. Finally a great milestone for me on my special day.

Happy faces 🙂 I am growing older, and we are celebrating…Maybe that’s why I don’t smile here. But I had a great time bursting balloons.


Me with my Mamu and Dadu who love me to the moon and back. And I love them too 🙂

This brings me to an end of my first year of life with these fabulous people. By the way, I still pretty much look my Daddy. Didu says only my ears resemble that of Mommy. Do people also compare ears, hands and legs of babies? I mean How ??

Life of a baby is no less than an adventure, of course from the baby’s point of view. Well, I would be called a toddler now. Congratulations to me, for successfully completing my babyhood. Pat on my back!

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See you on the other side.

Love to all of you,


 Happy trails to you, till we meet again.

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