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I am glad you made it here, only to read more about my life experiences so far. I am Mayra. Just about 17 Months old now, living in Constance, Germany.

Mommy says we all are unique in our own way and so are our journeys in life. Each journey and experience makes for an interesting story, which needs to be told. And that’s the reason every story is worth a share. Well, a baby’s life can be captured most beautifully through photos, videos, and photo books which are indeed the best bets. But I needed an expression to what I feel each day, being surrounded by the most wonderful people, meeting new people of all ages, skin, and color, traveling to new and unknown locations almost every month ( now) or quarter ( during my first year). So expressing it through Mommy was the best possible way to convert my emotions into words, which once penned would be my most treasured possession for entire life. I too would love to reminisce these innocent memories captured in their purest forms.

My story began about more than 700 days back in Mumbai, India. It would be certainly unfair to squeeze my 17 months of life outside and 9 months inside mommy’s tummy in one single post. So, I would post my story in parts in the form of a babylogue series. For now, I am sharing with you a glimpse of the most fabulous times in the first 9 months of my life before i was born. Hope you enjoy reading through this unusual¬†babylogue, written on behalf of a baby, that’s me, by her beloved Mommy ūüôā

2nd February 2016, Ashwem Beach, Goa 

Hello from the other side to all you lovely people. I am a super tiny yet-to-become-a-baby inside my mommy’s tummy. It’s a beautiful day today and we happen to be in¬†Goaaa !¬†Yeah, you know it already, that it’s a great place to just relax and unwind. Something that I do all the time anyways in here – Eat, Sleep, Relax.¬† Actually, they missed me way too much, so¬†I¬†couldn’t¬†resist but arrive. Gifts¬†may be delayed but certainly not denied. Now that I have made it here, I am eagerly¬†waiting to see these wonderful bunch of¬†people soon.¬† But they say, it takes some time, before¬†I¬†become a real baby and¬†actually¬†pop out, maybe 8-9 Months. Whoa ! Seems too long,¬†not for me, but maybe for mommy. I hope she¬†does fine. Well, now they are having an awesome time here, celebrating their 6th¬†wedding¬†Anniversary with Kaka and Kaku, totally unaware of me having arrived already.¬†Nevermind, I¬†know¬†I¬†would be the most¬†awaited and¬†beautiful surprise for all of them.¬†Waiting for the¬†D- Day.¬†Hah!¬†

At Curlies, Goa – Smiles are contagious. I can’t resist but smile back at my two lovelies.

20th May 2016, Dadar House, Mumbai

Its been not so bad first few months post my arrival, as Mommy has been regular to work, eating just fine and I am doing perfectly well. Daddy is in good shape too. He takes really good care of both of us. He sings songs for us when we go to bed. I love the enthusiasm in his voice. He is gonna be real fun to be with.

I hear some new voices these days almost similar to Mommy’s. They all keep talking about me all the time. It’s Didu and Dadu who are seeing Mommy after a long time. She was so happy that I felt that she almost ran to hug them seeing them waiting at the airport. What joy can parents bring in one’s life? I too have one such pair of wonderful parents.

These frequent visits to the Doctors are the most awaited times for both me and Mommy Daddy as we get to see each other on the monitor. I remember how delighted they were when they heard my heart beating for the first time. Such moments are so precious. I wish I could touch you as yet. But wait is all I need to do. Miss you all already.

4th  July 2016, Dadar House, Mumbai

Mommy has been eating a lot since Didu and Dadu have come as if she almost starved herself prior to that. She says she craves for the food she had grown up eating at home cooked by Didu and Dadu. And she feels so relieved now, to have them around all the time. She is able to relax and enjoy her Pregnancy Time. This makes me happy and comfortable in my head that I¬†ain’t troubling her much. We listen to a lot of music when she is at home, else I hear a lot of people discussing work when she is at the office. Just a few more months to go and I will be out and about to be with them. Blush! Blush!

So much at peace, she is! She is conscious of the weight that she is gaining. But i say you are as beautiful as you always were.

11th August 2016, Dadar House, Mumbai

It’s their babymoon time ( aka, God Bharai in Hindi). The Yoga and Beyond group ( The Yoga Group from Goregaon, Mumbai who have become our friends for life. Its great to be in the company of such wonderful human beings with so much positivity around them) were here a few days back for a surprise event for us. It was an amazing experience, to say the least. They made us feel really really special. We also had a traditional way of celebration at home for which we had our extended families here, who came only to give blessings to all of us for a good and a healthy life.

I love the way, everyone wishes well and takes care of each other. It’s just so natural for them to be this way. Mommy also has a lot of good friends who are far from us living in different countries and cities, yet they always wish and pray the best for her. One such person is her best friend from her school – Priyanka Mashi. They are like soul sisters. Love you Mashi. Hope we see each other soon ūüôā

Mom is on rest since last week, as there were certain issues related to the AFI levels( Utmost necessary for my life and movement inside here). Looks like she won’t return to work anytime soon. She says she has never been home for so many hours and days together at one go. But she is happy, because I am always with her, inside her, making every moment special. I feel flattered listening to so much praise. Keep them coming, please:)

She was taken by surprise and was in tears seeing the people whom she absolutely loves and adores.

25th September 2016, Dadar House, Mumbai  

Eating¬†delicious food and listening to Mozart¬†is what I do most of the time.¬†When the lights go off I feel like a morning daisy. I rock and roll, push and pull, kick some belly and slowly¬†come to rest.¬†It‚Äôs been long, I have been in here. But I am growing¬†every day¬†and it‚Äôs fun.¬†I can see and feel my fingers now. They are long.¬†I keep hearing some voices sometimes when I do nothing. They talk, they sing, they cry, they scream. They¬†read stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata.¬†Sometimes they call out names and they think I am a boy because I kick so hard.¬†Why should boys have all the¬†fun? ūüôā

They take a lot of photos and videos. I feel like I am always facing the camera. Give me a break guys I am tired and need to relax. Hope we see each other soon. There is hardly any space left here for me to stretch. Come on let me out now!¬†Didn’t you hear the doctor saying that it‚Äôs time, tell me a date? I can‚Äôt believe¬†you guys are consulting every possible person to decide when I should be born?¬†Definitely not on 2nd¬†Oct. Mommy is right. I don‚Äôt want my birthday to be a national holiday. How uncool is that?¬†

Mommy Daddy wanted to travel to some exotic location for their babymoon and the photoshoot. But because of Mommy’s health, they made peace by choosing this location in Mumbai.

This was a surprise photoshoot done by Daddy. What an amazing photographer he is!

3rd of October 2016, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai 

Ah! 3rd of Oct it is. I finally get to see you all. You guys look great especially Daddy in his white shirt. Mommy looks pale and tired but beautiful as ever. My grandparents and my Mamu are so thrilled to just see me РA little fellow who dint exist till about half an hour back.  Isn’t that unconditional love for someone who they don’t even know as yet? I feel I am truly blessed.  

Yawn! A bed to sleep and stretch my body was all I have craved for.  The other baby in this room cries little too much. Can we get home sooner? Well, mommy needs to be walking again before we can. I just love her. I know she is in pain but expresses none when I am around. That’s how Mommy’s are. Love! Love! Love! 

This brings me to an end of my life in the most beautiful place – My mommy’s Womb and to the beginning of my life as real human being. To read more, about my first year of life growing up in Dadar, taking short and frequent travels In India, and finally becoming a baby who travels almost all the time, please click here.

See you on the other side.

Love to all of you,


Happy trails to you, till we meet again.

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