Work with us

Why should we work together?

Being almost-a-digital-nomad family, full time travel blogger, travel photographer and newborn parents to our 22- months-old toddler, we intend to take our travel stories and real-life experiences far and beyond to inspire newborn parents, mothers and women, in general, to step out of the confinement of their homes, shake off the weight of carrying the responsibilities of their households for a while and set themselves free on the path of chasing their dreams, for they never will know otherwise, what they are truly capable of.

Through our writing and photography, we aim to inspire people to follow their own travel dreams whether its solo or along with their families. We are very excited to take this journey forward, push our limits further and challenge ourselves with new projects and assignments and bring some interesting and inspiring stories back to our engaged set of readers and social media followers. Every post on “Footinstincts” is adorned with beautiful photographs( clicked by us) and real personal experiences. Currently, we are traveling in Europe, with our base at Konstanz in Germany and have covered 16 countries so far – Austria, Belgrade, Belgium, Budapest, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland & UAE.

How can we collaborate?

Blogging Campaigns –  Our constant endeavor is to introduce our fellow travelers, readers, and followers to the right kind of destination, great and eco-friendly accommodations and utility products through social media or our travel blog with a focus on local experiences, sustainable travel, and ease of traveling solo or along with family and children.

Travel Instagrammer – we would love to share real-life travel experiences and stories with our engaged and growing set of followers on our Instagram account – footinstincts.

Freelance travel writer & photographer – We would be super excited to take up challenging freelance projects, including travel blogging, copywriting for travel-related websites, and taking up photography projects for any content or art bodies.

Projects that we are truly passionate about :

Campaigns focussed on Women – We are very passionate about bringing in inspiring stories from around the world to our readers about women and mothers who dared to dream and achieve the impossible be it in travel, adventure or any other field. Any campaign or project which is focussed on an objective like this, we would love to collaborate with and contribute to.

Campaigns focussed on Kids – Being parents ourselves, nurturing and raising a lady of our future generation, we would be extremely delighted to participate and contribute to any project focussed on the wellbeing of children or share our personal experiences with the world in an experiential and a relatable way.

Campaigns focussed on Sustainable travel – With travel and tourism becoming one of the primary reasons for an increase in the carbon footprint and mindless havoc created by the tourist communities in the popular travel destinations, destroying the ecological balance, we are extremely passionate to be able to contribute to an important cause like this in any capacity. We would be really honored if we are considered for any such campaign.

Projects outside travel that we would be delighted to be a part of – 

Sustainable Living – We are fairly new on this journey, however very serious about this cause. Through our blog and social media page on Instagram – minimalistvegansustainablelife, We aim to spread the word and take the message across wrt sustainable and responsible living through making the right lifestyle choices, reducing one’s carbon footprint. These are the following three ways one can achieve it. We intend to implement them all as much as possible.

  • Veganism –
  • Minimalism
  • Zero waste

I have already turned a Vegan about a month back and also observe intermittent fasting.  As a family we are very staunchly living a minimalist life with as less as possible and consciously putting efforts to reduce waste that we generate. And all that we are doing is helping us in a big to make that change with a positive impact in our own lives. IT has been the biggest turning point in our lives after we started to travel. We would be very happy to share our experiences ahead and collaborate with brands who promote these. If your organization or you, think we can fit into any such project of yours individually or as a family, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are open to all types of collaborations – whether as a family or solo. Please feel free to connect with us at to discuss your requirements and take our collaboration forward. Look forward to hearing from you.