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We are supremely happy and delighted to share with you a little more about us, our life so far, our tryst with destiny and the autobiography of an itchy foot. Yes, you heard it right! The foot itches to travel far and beyond, to become a wanderer, a vagabond, to lose itself to nature and to the unknown, to lose its fear and apprehensions, to question the norm and set out on a journey of its own. We have just started out on this journey and we are absolutely loving it.

Meet Tanu

A semi-digital-nomad-mommy traveler, writer, photographer, vegan food lover, digital enthusiast and the brain behind this blog.

I am absolutely head over heels for my new found love and passion for travel, writing, and photography. As a blogger I know I am venturing into the road untraveled and that’s not normal especially being a Mother to an ever demanding 2-year-old toddler. It’s a lot of commitment to myself and to my readers. But this is what my heart tells me to do at this moment and for the very first time I have shed my inhibitions and I am going to dance along with the waves.

Why did I begin to write?

12 months back I took a short sabbatical from work so that we could move to Konstanz along with my husband who is here on a project. Spending all the time with my daughter and savoring every moment is what I love doing these days.

Life is so much easier when you just chill out. And best things happen to you when you expect them the least. As a result of my relentless quest for a latent passion, I started to write. Writing became a means of catharsis for me. While it worked for me, I wasn’t sure of giving it an identity to share with the world. But when we traveled, I felt the urge to capture my thoughts into words and share my experiences. I hope I would be able to make these experience as real to you when you join me on my life adventures virtually.

My unflinching love for travel

My father is a retired banker. As a family, we traveled to and stayed at places wherever his job took him to. These were smaller towns and rural areas of India. We didn’t have a permanent dwelling for a very long time. Though it was tough to manage them, that sense of never settling down at one place, longing to see more and savoring good times when in the company of beautiful landscapes or people kind of stayed with me. We traveled during our summer holidays as well. I used to love the experience of being on the road among people who didn’t know who I was. Wherever we went and stayed, it became a part of us, our lives, our memories, our thoughts. This whole process intrigued me a lot. But sadly enough, I couldn’t keep the flame alive and got busy with life. I did travel often but not in a way I would have really wanted to.

Fast forward to Oct 2017

After spending a few weeks at Konstanz and Paris, I started to realize that there is so much more to life. It rekindled my love for travel. It felt like meditation to me.

Traveling and writing both came together giving me a sense of discovering the world with a completely new lens all over again and that’s how I started travel blogging where I intend to share my two cents about travel and life in general as they are closely related. What you do defines your life. And I would want to share with you how traveling and writing along with motherhood is redefining my life.

What motivates me?

My child, who is just months old now motivates me and inspires me every single day. Her energy, her positivity, her curiosity, her observation skills, her innocence everything is awe-inspiring. She keeps me going and puts in life and meaning to what I write.

My better half, who has been a tremendous support. We have grown together as adults. I have not known a life without him and do not wish for a life otherwise.

My Family, my parents and my younger brother Tushar who define me as a person. They take me back to my roots and keep me grounded. They have my back and are always there in my thick and thin, standing tall beside me in everything that I do. They are priceless.

My Friends, who I speak to very rarely but they wish the best for me always. I am always in their prayers. That’s the source of my strength and commitment to follow my heart and be happy.

Meet Sandee

A doting father, an incredible partner in life, passionate runner, traveler, photographer and the primary planner and executor of all our travels.

First half Marathon

That’s Sandee – My better half

We met, fell in love and exchanged vows to live happily ever after. That’s how common is our story too. What we didn’t know about each other was that we could complement each other as well, while we grew up on this 15 + years of long relationship. He is just the perfect partner that any girl can wish for. He is there always. If it wasn’t him, I wouldn’t have traveled as much. The amount of hard work and effort that goes into planning our travels, I would have given it up much earlier.

Why did he begin to run? 

While he was turning 30, he suddenly started feeling this void in his life and took to running. Since then there was no looking back. He is a marathoner now and has run across various locations in/outside India. He dreams to train and take part in Ironman one day. So rightly so, the choices of our destinations are also bases these events where he takes part while we travel and explore the place as well.

He still has a day job 

It’s just him who is getting the food on the table, while we are busy digging a few holes in our savings bag, to travel the world. He manages it all so wonderfully well. He is there at work as much as at home and available whenever he is needed.

The real photographer 

He seldom clicks, but when he does, it supersedes anything that could have gone right in capturing that moment. That’s how sound he is with the technique and so passionate about the art of photography. Just wishing that Mayra grows up soon to let us carry our DSLRs. Only then we would have the fortune of seeing more of his work.

Meet  Mayra

Bundle of unlimited energy and joy. Our life revolves around her. And we credit her completely for bringing out the best in us. 

A woman is truly privileged and blessed to be the nature’s choice to carry and nurture a life in her womb for 9 months and in her heart for life. And this is where my life began to change for good. I totally cherished my pregnancy period and I am savoring every moment of being a Mother.

Once Mayra turned 3 months we started to travel and continue to do so as she is 2.5 years old now. What an amazing travel partner she has been.

Like many other young parents, we too had apprehensions of losing out on our space and life after becoming a parent, but it has given us wings to fly. It has made us less vulnerable, more accepting and adaptive of our situations. It has made us problem solvers and trust me our creativity is at it’s best. Traveling with a partner as young as your toddler is an exhilarating experience. You see the world from their perspective. So if you are a parent and you have a travel bug, do not think, just go for it.

So that’s the story of our life so far and hope the rest of it is interesting enough to share with you.

Let’s work together

I believe in the power of words, and use it to weave stories inspired by real-life experiences. Let’s collaborate and support each other for the causes we truly stand for, and wish to contribute to. Let’s explore.

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