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I am Tanushree – A Certified Spiritual Coach & a Usui Reiki Master, who loves to travel in nature, savor vegan delicacies, live minimally, write and share about her experiences and photograph the world around her. And that’s Sandee- my partner in life( on the left) and Mayra-the apple of our eye ( in the middle).

This blog is home to all of our life experiences – travel, conscious living, spiritual healing, lifestyle, health, fitness, parenting, relationships, and also life from a child’s perspective.  Yes! there is no one thing that we can be or want to talk about and that’s why this mishmash or a parody – because that’s what life is all about –  It’s as chaotic, messed up, and beautiful. Right?

While this blog may touch upon a variety of aspects of life, what lies at the core is the streak of reality and honesty – we do whatever our heart tells us to. We write about everything that we feel the need to. We continuously challenge ourselves to push the boundaries. And it only seems quite unfair to choose one of these aspects over the others and limit ourselves in any way( though doing that would have been ideal to convert this blog into a business).

When your passion feels like meditation or catharsis, business or money, though important, can never come on the way of expression or ideologies. That’s where we come from. We don’t have a niche – We haven’t quit our jobs to travel. We did not choose to become digital nomads. We travel because we love to- we neither splurge money on luxury travel nor do we cut the corners way too much to compromise on basic comfort – as we travel with our daughter. We are just someone who has accepted and embraced life as it is and seeks for everyday magic rather than attaching and confining ourselves to the things that make us happy. We believe in boundless positive energy, unlimited and continuous happiness – The state of being on high forever. We like to say that – We are high on life. 

If you want to know more about us, hop on and read along. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as we are happy opening our hearts out to you.

The Backstory

We are a family! – An ordinary one, like anyone else’s. But what gave birth to Footinstincts is rather interesting and extraordinary. In 2016, we were leading our lives as usual in Mumbai – the maximum city of India. Both of us were working full time, struggling to strike a balance between work and life beyond work – which certainly held much more purpose and meaning for us. By lending our half-hearted selves to our day jobs, we did earn money, just enough to pay our bills, but our hearts kept yearning for more. Our souls had this unquenching thirst to do and be more. We drove into a frenzy and wanted to desperately break out. However despite the realization, we too, like many other couples in India, found ourselves stuck in the quagmire of trying to make ends meet. And what really broke the shackles was beyond our imagination – A step into the world of parenthood – After grappling with multiple health-related concerns, we brought our angel into this world. It brought in a fresh perspective and a novelty to the way we had envisaged our lives. We took a pause, mulled over and realized that – this is NOT what we want to do for the rest of our lives. We started to positively affirm for a change that took us where we wanted to be. Yes, we strongly believe in the power of the universe, positive thinking, and spirituality.

What happened after that wasn’t by design or choice – It was just meant to be. So it happened. And without blinking an eye we took a leap of faith – Sandee got an onsite opportunity in Germany, in the city of Konstanz – situated at the German-Swiss border. And I and Mayra followed. I took a sabbatical from work which ended soon leaving me jobless and penniless for time infinite. Lol. Well, Sandee continues to work, so we never have to really worry about the finances. In fact, this change has brought in a multitude of opportunities for me. It was just about walking past the hangover of having a steady job and income and embracing my new way of life with open arms – A full-time mother and someone who she didn’t know ever existed –  I found my passion for travel, writing, and photography. It really made me happy.

Then what? We started to plan our travels around the weekends coupled with the official holidays and traveled very extensively in Europe for 20 months, covering 20 countries ( not as mere tourists, but genuine family travelers). We lived in an Apartment Hotel in Konstanz, living a semi-nomadic life almost out of a suitcase – with our world packed into a couple of bags during this time, finally finding a balance that we always had craved for. And soon enough, we got the opportunity to hang around in Europe for some more years, and we moved to Leverkusen. Besides, raising our lady of future, and traveling together as a family, we have the individual passions that we ensure we cultivate because those define us as individuals and keep us sane.

Above all, the most significant change that we have brought into our lives ever since we crossed the ocean was understanding the need to live a sustainable life and practicing those methods. I turned a vegan and as a family, we are following minimalism, anti-consumerism and reducing our carbon footprint on the planet by reducing/eradicating single-use plastic and reducing waste that we generate. We practice these methods as much as we are able to. We also talk about it in our social media space.

There is nothing that we would want to change in our lives now, however, we are also keeping ourselves emotionally detached from this world which doesn’t feel real at times. We feel blessed and would want to make the most out of this opportunity to give back to the world in a way that it’s relatable and experiential.

If you are curious, you may want to read more about The Footinstincts Family.

Let’s work together

I believe in the power of words, and use it to weave stories inspired by real-life experiences. Let’s collaborate and support each other for the causes we truly stand for and wish to contribute to. Let’s explore.

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