The one, who is committed to transforming, wouldn't be held back ever, no matter how many curve-balls life throws at them, let alone becoming parents, that too out of their own choice to procreate. And as the legend has it, someday, they too shall pass on the legacy of a burning passion to

You are truly blessed to be the one who is different in her views, opinions, values, and principles. Be proud of them. They define the very person you are. Own yourself and never ever try to change any of these aspects to fit into a mold. Do not blend into the colors, that the world around you,

You become what you think. You are what you eat. Barbara Cartland I had just laughed out loud, when a friend of mine, not very long ago, had shared this quote with me, because the reality was too harsh for me to accept. I loved eating potatoes, so did I look like one? Yikes! And today,