In Photos – Zaanse Schans: The Windmill Village

Holland has one of the best European countrysides, away from the hustle and bustle of it’s most sought-after, capital – city of Amsterdam. You will surely find yourself slowly soaking it up all when you drive through these roads with some spectacular view on each side – lush green pasturelands breathing in fresh air, cows, and sheep […]

Turning Vegan: Making a sustainable lifestyle choice to reduce carbon footprint

Today marks day #30 of me practicing Veganism – making a sustainable lifestyle choice to reduce my carbon footprint on the environment – Mother earth – I proudly call my home. I know it’s too early to write or even talk about it, but my reasons that triggered the change and my journey of coping […]

In Photos: Experience the ecstatic beauty of Murren

Maurice Bernard Sendak, the famous American illustrator, and writer of children’s book once said – ” There is more to life than having everything.” Our life at present truly resonates with this thought. Change is the only constant reality, that we often resist. But if we embrace, it can take us aback by a pleasant […]

Switzerland: The Beating Heart of Europe

It’s been 8 months since we embarked on our journey of being a Digital Nomad Family, and living at the German-Swiss Border in a hotel room – where we luxuriate quite profoundly and very lovingly call it our home. We have been extensively travelling around Europe with our base at Constance, however visiting the Swiss Alps […]

Life Beyond Borders: How did becoming a Digital Nomad Family change my perspective of a GREAT LIFE ?

While I write this post, we are flying back to India for a short vacation, particularly intended to be with our family. They have often been deprived of our time in the past, due to a fast-paced life that we led in Mumbai, with both of us working all the year round, running errands, ensuring […]